Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tackle Your Fear

We all have fear in our life! That's just the way it goes. Some people are afraid of heights and some people are afraid of insects. Some are afraid of dying, while others are afraid of the dark. Most of us (myself included) have fears in us.

It seems that since we were children we were taught to live in fear. We were afraid to mess up or do something wrong because we might into trouble with our parents or other authority figures. This fear continues all the way through adolescence and on through adulthood. However in adulthood, we sometimes learn that the things that used to frighten us as children are no longer valid reasons to be afraid. As adults, at some point, we should lose certain fears. But usually what happens is that we replace those old fears with new fears. These adult fears often can cripple us as these fears deal with more realistic things, like the fear of dying of the fear of not being able to provide for a family. In as much as these fears can hold us down, should they?

We often feed into the thought that our fears dictate how our lives are lived. When we give our fears that kind of power, we are not living our life to the fullest!! But imagine, if you will, that we took that power away from our fears. What if chose to think of those fears as opportunities? What if we conditioned ourselves to take that negative force in our life and turn it around into something that could be used as positive motivation? When we choose to really live instead of living in fear some amazing things can happen. So I challenge you to take a look at what you think is a negative situation and try to see the positive side of it. I challenge you to take that fear you hold inside and turn it into a tool that you can use to better yourself!!!!!