Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quit Wishing and Start Living

Most people have probably seen the Disney classic "Pinnocchio" as some point in their life. If you have, you have probably heard Jiminy Crickett sing the familiar song 'When You Wish Upon A Star" (If you haven't, listen to it here)

One line from the song goes, "...anything your heart desires will come to you."

This really is a heartfelt sentiment and there are scores of people who genuinely believe this. All we have to do is make a wish and "all your dreams will come true." And as much as we want to believe this, it's not completely's why...

In order for something to happen... action MUST be taken!

Let me say that again...In order for something to happen... action MUST be taken!!

To me it's like can have a full tank of gas in the car and you can have every intention of going on a trip, but until you actually get in the car and turn the ignition, press on the gas and start driving down the road, you are going to ALWAYS stay in your driveway! The reality of turning "I wish" into "I will" takes one thing....ACTION!

Look...I understand that change can be a frightening thing for most people...I get that! But at the same time, in order for one to really take control of your life, courage is needed and courage goes hand in hand with taking action. One can't take action without having the courage to make that decision to be the change that you want!

So quit wishing and turn that wish into action by telling yourself, "I WILL!!"

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