Friday, November 30, 2012

Learning To Fly!

One of the greatest gifts we possess is the ability to push ourselves into being something bigger and better than we ever imagined! There are many people in this world who have realized they have this gift and have used this gift to transform their lives into something extraordinary Some people don't even realize that they have this gift and so they wander through life wishing they could do something to change their life. They spend their days looking at others who have used this gift and and sometimes they become jealous or sometimes envious or angry that they can't be like those people.Well guess what??? You are one of those people who posses that very same gift!!! The only problem is that you don't realize it yet! Contrary to popular posses this gift too!! Sometimes you don't realize that it is there because of those little voices inside your head that tell you that you will never amount to anything. Sometimes it's those fears that are deep within you and you feed  those fears by thinking that there is no way you can live a life full of positivity and substance! Well I'm here to tell you that you have greatness inside of you. You have an inner strength that you need to tap into because once you do, you can transform your life into something beautiful and spectacular! All it takes is a willingness to change. Once this willingness is in place, then take that first step (even if it is an itty bitty step) and start your transformation to greatness! To quote a motivational poster that used to hang in some of my high school classes, "YOU ARE A WORTHWHILE PERSON!" Once you start believing in yourself, you will see you own worth and you will want to nurture that worth and take care of that worth! Once that happens, you will have found your wings and you will be ready to fly!!!