Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you have a "why"??

First...WATCH THIS !!

No matter what it is we do in life, we aspire to be successful. People in all walks of life work towards success. The thing about success is that it is usually defined by the individual. For one person, success can mean having lots of money. For another person it can mean being the best parent that they can be. Still for others, there are numerous other definitions of success. But the constant in all these scenarios is that there was a desire to want to succeed. There is that something extra that pushes us to give our all in order to succeed. Being a Beachbody coach, we call that desire to want to succeed our "why".

The "why" I'm talking about is that bit of inspiration that drives me to want to succeed at the goals I have set for myself. We all have a "why"...even those people who don't realize it yet! The "why" basically is the reason why we do the things we do to reach our goals. For instance, my "why" is my family. My wife and my daughter mean the world to me and I would do anything to make sure they are taken care of. The thought of my family is what drives me to keep working on getting fit and healthy and it also drives me to build my Beachbody business. When I get discouraged, all I have to do is think of my "why" and that motivates me to keep moving forward!

In closing...I challenge you to find your "why" and use that as motivation to drive you to your kind of success!!

PS...please leave a comment...I would love to know your "why" and what drives you to be a success!!!

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