Saturday, March 9, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs....

Everyday we see signs all around us. Some signs, like stop signs, are for our safety and protection. Some signs tell us that the next exit has restrooms and places to eat. Some are advertisements for this product or that product, and some offer important information like weather conditions while one is traveling. Even though we continually have signs that we actually see on a daily basis, there are some signs that we don't see, but yet they scare the hell out of us. You don't think so?

Human beings, by nature, are creatures of habit. If you don't think so, think about the things you do everyday. I know for me, I usually start my day at a certain time everyday. I have my routine where I get out of bed, go shower, wake up my wife and daughter and get them going. go into the kitchen to start making breakfast, get lunches together, take my daughter to school, get dropped off at work, etc. The only time I don't do this is on the weekends. But then on the weekends,I have another set of routine's that I follow. So as much as we don't think we fall into that category, we actually do! Because we are wired in this way, the thought of change can prove to be quite problematic for many people (myself included)!

Now some people can see the sign and accept the fact that they need to change. Now that doesn't mean that they like the fact that they have to change, but they are willing to change. Then you have those on the opposite side of the spectrum. Those who need to change, but refuse at ALL costs. They kick and scream and rant and rave and STILL they won't change. So what makes these two groups of people different? Let's look at the first group of people.

The ones who are willing to change can see that a change is beneficial to them. They see the writing on the wall and want to do something about it. For instance, let's say someone is diagnosed with Type II diabetes. They consult with their doctor and they are given a regimen to follow to help control their diabetes. They take the required medication and/or do their part to follow an exercise and nutrition program to get their diabetes in check. They may not like the change they have to undergo, but ultimately they will make the change because they realize the benefits of making such a change. For these people, they realize that the change they need to make will actually prolong their life and this change will be better, not only for them, but for the people around them. So what about the other group of people??

The other group of people can see the writing on the wall too. Maybe it's diabetes...maybe it's smoking...maybe it's some other type of behavior that they know is not healthy or beneficial to them. They are told by their doctor that they need to make a change or face the consequences later on. They know what they have to do ( *hint hint* change) but yet are unwilling to make a change, or they procrastinate and tell themselves, "I'll do it later!" Whatever their reasons are for not changing, they are willing to suffer the consequences of their decision.These people MIGHT change only if their circumstances are extremely dire! But even then...that's no guarantee that they will change.

In both cases, it all comes down to a making a choice. The choice to change or the choice not to change... that choice is entirely up to us to make, So when given the choice, which choice will you make? Will that sign that you see scare you into not doing anything because of the fear associated with change? Or will you choose to let that sign of change be a positive thing that allows you to make the necessary, positive change that you deserve?


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