Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life Got You Down? Fight Like Hell!!

How many times have you tried to do something and maybe you failed miserably? Maybe you're one  of those people who will try to accomplish something and no matter what you do to try to succeed, it just doesn't work out. That saying "one step forward...two steps back" might pertain to you. But even with faced with many uncertainties, what separates those who try, fail and then quit from those that try, fail, but pick themselves back up and try again until they succeed?

It all comes down to three things...desire, perseverance and patience.

Every goal or dream usually start with desire. Now I'm not talking about some spontaneous idea that is thought of on a whim. I'm talking about a all out, full blown desire that keeps you up at night. The kind of desire that as soon as you wake up in the morning, that desire is there, pushing you out of bed telling you that you NEED to get things done to bring your desires into reality! The kind of desire that will go unfulfilled until you get to where you are going. Yea...THAT kind of desire!

Now even though you have that deep burning desire to make your goals a reality, something else is needed... Perseverance!
 Perseverance is defined as:  
-steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. (
So you have a desire to do something great. Next comes a difficult part about making those dreams of yours a reality. As you can see in the definition, there will be difficulties. Yes there will be obstacles. And YES...discouragement will creep up on you and try to keep from reaching your goals. That's just the way life is...get over it and move on!! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track. If what you desire is so great and that important to you then you know that reaching that goal or dream is going to take hard work and you also know that obtaining something great is NOT going to be easy. Accept that fact and move on citizen! 

You have the have the other thing is essential...patience! Everyone has head that Rome wasn't built in a day. So it should stand to reason that achieving your goals and dreams isn't going to happen overnight. Like the person who is overweight and wants to lose weight. That person needs to understand that they didn't get overweight in a short amount of time. It took years of not eating healthy and not exercising to put all that weight on. So anyone who thinks that a magic diet pill is going to help them drop all that weight overnight has another thing coming and is in for a rude awakening! It's that way with ANY dream or goal!! The trick is to keep working at obtaining your goal and learn how to hone that fine art of having patience. I guarantee that as long as you keep pushing, you will come out on top!!!

Life is rough! Some people know that more than others...but ultimately we all have experienced rough times and hardships. But even though we all go through these kind of situations, we as human beings have an amazing ability to persevere and overcome hard times...I truly believe that this is one of the greatest abilities we as human beings posses! So when you've been knocked down, stop and make the decision that you are not going to go down like are going to stand up, and fight like hell and finish strong!!

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