Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is the Glass Half Empty Or Half Full???

We live in a cynical world full of pessimism. There's no getting around that fact. We all have friends, acquaintances, sometimes even family members who always see the glass as half empty. When we are constantly surrounded by all that negativity, often times it can rub off on us without us knowing it! Not only do we get this kind of attitude from people we know, we are constantly bombarded with negativity in movies, through the media, the internet, and countless other sources.

On rare occasions we will run across people who aren't filled with negativity. These people are quite the opposite as a matter of fact. These are the people who will find the positivity, even in the most dire of circumstances. They could be in the middle of a natural disaster and they will still have that spark of positivity.

As we make our way through our life journey, we have a choice as to whether we allow ourselves to display a negative behavior or a positive one. We can look at the glass half empty...or we can choose to look at the glass half full. If we choose to look at the glass as half empty, then we will deliberately look for the negative things in other aspects of life. The same can be said if we look at the glass as half full. When we do this, we will purposely look for the positive things in any situation. When we choose to see the positivity in life, our attitudes will reflect this decision. That one decision can work wonders with other things we undertake in our life. We will be able to face the challenges in our life and know that we will be able get past those challenges. We will be able to look at the negativity in the world and know that there is beauty in the world, despite what the naysayers tell us!

So the next time you feel the urge to feed the monster of negativity with even more negativity, remember that you have a choice. You have the choice to rise above the negativity and see the glass as half full. You can make a deliberate decision to not allow such negativity in your life. You can make a difference by turning that negativity around and letting your positive attitude shine through to others. Give someone a reason to see the glass as half full!!!

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