Monday, January 21, 2013

Leaning From Your Past & Moving Forward With Your Future

We all have a past...there's no denying that fact. For some, the past is full of wonderful memories and nothing but happiness, maybe infused with brief moments of loss or trials. But overall, the past is for the most part enjoyable.

For others, the past is a painful reminder of decisions and regrets that were mistakenly made. The past is full of hurts that seem to always creep back into existence at a moment's notice, and the past will always be a hindrance and sometimes an excuse to keep from moving forward. Some people would rather use the past and cling onto it and carry it around like a big bag of rocks! Let me tell you...that bag of rocks can get HEAVY if someone decides to carry it around for a long wonder the past keeps dragging some people down!

I believe that what happens in our past should fashion and mold us into better individuals. Not everyone thinks or feels that way though. They would rather carry that bag of rocks around with them and let the past control their lives than lose all that unnecessary baggage. What people don't realize is that until they lose that extra weight, there is NO WAY that they can move forward towards a better future.

But here's the thing...all the mistakes you made, all the things you did or didn't do don't have to be a part of your future. You have a choice to make better decisions. You have a choice on the things you do (or don't do) in order to reach your goals. All the baggage of the past has no place in your future. All the hurts and pains of the past shouldn't keep you from achieving the greatness that you were born with! Leave your past behind you, discover your greatness, and move forward with your future!!!!

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